5.2. Endpoints

The following "well known" URLs are available within this API segment.



Entry point


Redoc explorer


Swagger client


The endpoints are hierarchical and take on the following structure:

/{entity}/{query-type}[/{identifier}] # Get/act on a single entity
/{entity}/list/                       # Get the list of entities


  • {entity} is the plural name of the entity, e.g companies, users etc.

  • {query-type} is the query by which the entity can be uniquely identified. Check the specific API call for which queries are supported. Most of the time, at least these two types will be available:

    • …/self/… refers to the entity of the caller. e.g. /companies/self will return the company connected with the credentials of the caller.

    • …/by-id/{id}/… with find the given entity by id, if the caller has access to it. E.g. /companies/by-id/7 returns the company with id=7.

  • /list returns a list of all entities matching the given criteria. This criteria is sometimes defined with the query string and sometimes inferred from the context. Check specific API calls for description.